Rita Polly!

Here are some photos I took awhile ago and haven't gotten around to posting. Rita is a big girl, now! But here she is looking rather cute, smiley, and plump. Thanks Jetha and Lucas for letting me photograph your baby love!


Baby Malawi

And baby makes 5! Malawi is the chubbiest, most peaceful baby around. He was ever so accommodating with our various ideas for locations and poses, and we even got a little smile out of him. I am so happy for this lovely, lovely family.


Jeanie's Gang

I got to hang out with the most delightful crew recently. Jeanie's family is a band of jokesters! Every last one of them, I tell you! And I had the distinct honor of photographing them hamming it up.


Mama Lucia

I fell a little in love with Lucia when photographing her this time. It was so special to be in the space of her home, photographing her family as they are. Thank you! And many good wishes for a smooth labor and birth.


Ariel and I had a smashing time by the train tracks in the beginning of December. Bitter cold is much more bearable when tromping around with a good friend, making pretty pictures. 


Belle Indigo

Kind-hearted, beautiful, magic lady! Indigo and I met downtown on Pearl Street, and then we drove up gorgeous Flagstaff Mountain to catch the sun before it set. It was just a joy to spend an afternoon with you catching up and clicking the camera. Thank you!!!


Jetha, Lucas, and Baby Polliwog are three of my favorite people, and I had the good fortune of spending time with them in this precious pre-birth space. Jetha was fabulous and fresh as ever, Lucas was silly and kind, as always, and Polliwog was very adaptable to any photo pose we could think of. I love you guys.


Farmin' Around

I arrived early for Lucia's family photo shoot last weekend and spent my time photographing the farm. It was a quiet place, and it contained the lives of plants and animals, and people gently doing their work: adding to the compost, and preparing the beehives for winter.